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How to Recover Deleted Reddit Comments

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Reddit is an expansive network of subreddits allowing communities to connect and discuss topics of mutual interest. While this provides for engaging discussions, it can also facilitate inappropriate material and lead to heated or volatile interactions among its members.

On occasion, comments or posts may be deleted from a website but this does not indicate a ban of any sort against their author.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is an internet forum that brings millions of people together around common interests, often known as the “front page of the internet”. Boasting over 542m visitors a month, this platform allows users to post text posts and images for sharing in communities called subreddits, with each having its own set of rules based on topic; upvote/downvote capabilities allow users to give/take karma with others in their communities.

There are millions of subreddits on Reddit to choose from, from those catering to thought-provoking queries on r/askreddit to todayilearned (where users submit interesting facts they’ve learned), each moderated by volunteers who oversee its community and can ban users if they violate any general or specific rules of Reddit. Users remain anonymous on Reddit yet can create profiles featuring photos and bios as well as buying/selling karma points.

Why do people delete their comments?

Reddit is an online community focused on discussion, as well as being searchable archive. Users manage their exposure by deleting messages; when this occurs, their username becomes “[deleted]”, with tools like removeddit allowing people to see who deleted what and when.

People tend to delete submissions after receiving negative responses from other users. Downvotes and negative replies from multiple accounts can quickly add up, especially for new accounts whose usernames and previous comments remain visible until enough karma has been earned to allow anonymity.

Reddit employs a rolling versioning system for all content, and any edits to posts or comments (including deletes) update these versions and do not alter their original form, meaning any deleted posts/comments could potentially be recovered and used for monetization in future.

How do I know if my comments have been deleted?

Reddit makes it easy to lose track of threads you wanted to revisit; however, there are numerous websites dedicated to helping revive deleted comments or posts.

Unddit is one of the best tools available to restore deleted comments by bookmarking them in your browser, while also showing whether a comment was edited by moderators or deleted by users.

Wayback Machine is another web archive which stores snapshots of websites. While its use can be daunting at first, since you will likely need to search through several versions of a post, if none of the other methods prove fruitful it might be worthwhile giving this tool a try if none have so far proved effective.

Reveddit is another fantastic option for viewing deleted Reddit posts and comments, using Pushshift archive data. Users simply enter either their subreddit URL or direct link for accessing deleted data in an old-style interface.

How do I see deleted comments?

If a deleted Reddit comment intrigues you, third-party tools can help recover it. Most are free and do not violate Reddit’s terms of service.

To access deleted comments, begin by finding their original post or comment’s URL and copying it before visiting it with modified versions such as “reveddit” or “unddit.”

The Wayback Machine is an internet archive that stores screenshots of websites at certain dates, making it possible to retrace deleted posts and comments from Reddit that have been deleted in the past. Although not a fast solution as you’ll need to search through numerous snapshots to locate one that matches, its availability also depends on when you access them – Ceddit is currently the fastest tool for recovering deleted comments, using Pushshift API data retrieval services to quickly find them before displaying them using its Reddit-like interface for quick viewing and viewing.

Reddit users are baffled by a seemingly random sequence of numbers appearing instead of deleted comments on the social news aggregation site. Some have speculated that 2131953663 may be mobile glitch or an intentional joke while others believe it may refer to an upcoming Reddit office opening in Los Angeles.

1. Deleted comments are replaced by a sequence of numbers

Reddit uses threaded comments, so if you respond to someone else’s post it gets indented below their original. Reddit employs a numbering system as a way of keeping track of replies – when comments are deleted they’re replaced by sequence of numbers which makes tracking replies simpler.

Comments are parsed using a simplified version of Markdown syntax; certain features (such as nested superscript) have been disabled to ensure maximum clarity for commentators. For more information about using it for comments, check out this user-created help page or the Official Reddit Markdown Syntax Guide. Additionally, when using the Markdown parser be aware that unordered lists require two spaces of indentation and three for ordered lists; old Reddit only required one space as indentation space!

2. The number is a mobile glitch

Reddit users have postulated that this number might have resulted from a mobile glitch, since its digits match domestic cell phone numbers exactly. They hypothesize this might have been caused by an error in Reddit’s code; furthermore, its area code matches up perfectly with Los Angeles area codes – Reddit itself being located there! However, Reddit users also noted that it did not seem to be valid phone number so any person encountering such number should verify it on another platform or device before acting upon it.

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