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7 Quick and Easy Steps to Keep Your Home Safe

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Did you know that every 15 seconds, a home is broken into? Nearly half a million of these burglaries take place during the day each year, and many of them take place in neighborhoods. Despite these figures, the majority of homeowners only take minimum precautions to keep intruders out of their homes, which is something you never want to wish you had done in retrospect.

Fortunately, there are numerous quick and easy measures you can take to immediately increase the security of your house. We’ll go over 7 quick methods for improving home security in this article so you and your loved ones may feel safer at home.

Lock Your Windows and Doors

Despite the fact that it may seem obvious, one-third of home burglars gain entry through open doors and windows. We have a tendency to feel secure in the neighborhoods we know and love, but it’s crucial to err on the side of caution and lock every access that could lead to your home. This sensible precaution can keep your property off of a burglar’s list because many burglars will visit different homes looking for simple possibilities.

Get a Home Alarm System Installed

Remarkably 300% fewer burglaries occur in homes with alarm systems than in homes without one. New housing societies such as Lahore Smart City are safe for the residents as compared to the other societies because the homes have high-security alarms. 

Many would-be house burglars will be deterred even merely by the window or lawn sign advertising your home security system. Some homeowners could be discouraged by an alarm system’s alleged high costs or complicated maintenance requirements. However, there are actually lots of reasonably priced options, and smartphone technology has made comfortable remote management of your alarm system easier than ever.

Put Up Motion-Activated Lighting

On how much lighting can truly dissuade intruders, the jury is still out. After all, a lot of break-ins take place during the day, when illumination isn’t really a concern. 

Nevertheless, other studies have found that motion detectors discourage burglars because of their abrupt commencement and potential to alert neighbors to suspicious activity, particularly when those neighbors are aware that you are away and wouldn’t be turning on the lights yourself. 

We believe putting motion detector lights to give an additional layer of safety to your home’s outside spaces is worthwhile because they are simple to install and incredibly cheap (as low as $10–$15).

Include A Deadbolt Guard

The majority of burglars are skilled at picking locks, including deadbolts that appear pick-proof. A deadbolt protector, which fits a lock over your deadbolt to prevent it from turning, is one option to give your main doors some extra security. The majority of hardware stores carry these.

Install Quality Sliding Doors

The sliding patio and deck doors are more exposed than your front entrance. The locks are simpler to pick, and many locks may be broken even with just a strong tug. It’s best to upgrade your sliding doors’ security. 

A bar, broomstick, or piece of plywood can be laid in the door track to do this, but many homeowners prefer a more sophisticated approach. If so, you can purchase locks that attach to the top or bottom of the door to provide additional security.

Purchase a Home Surveillance Camera

The majority of home security systems available today include cameras, but you may also purchase them separately to add to your existing system. Cameras can both prevent criminals and aid in your pursuit of justice in the event that your home is broken into. As online shopping increases, you have certainly seen a lot of home security camera footage posted on social media. As a result of their increased popularity, people are at risk of becoming “porch pirates” who quickly take items from their front door.

Fortunately, there are numerous quick and easy measures you can take to increase the security of your house immediately. We’ll go over 7 quick methods for improving home security in this article so you and your loved ones may feel safer at home.

The increased sense of security that house cameras may offer on a daily basis is something that many homeowners appreciate.

Maintain Extra Keys in A Lock Box

Where would you look if you needed someone else’s spare key? Most likely under the mat, in the mailbox, or beneath a nearby stone or flower pot. Your front door keys’ obvious hiding places are essentially an invitation to home intruders. If you must leave a key for someone occasionally, keep it in a lockbox so that no one else can get to it. Visit here

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