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Pavlok Net Worth: How Much is the Shocking Fitness Tracker Worth?

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Pavlok is a unique wearable fitness tracker that gained notoriety for its shocking feature. The device delivers an electric shock to the wearer whenever they fail to meet their fitness goals. Despite the controversial nature of the product, it has gained a considerable following, and many people are curious about the net worth of Pavlok.

In this article, we will explore the history of Pavlok and estimate its net worth.

The History of Pavlok

Pavlok was founded in 2014 by Maneesh Sethi, a blogger and entrepreneur. Sethi had struggled with procrastination for years and found that wearing a shock collar helped him break his bad habits. He wanted to create a wearable device that could help others do the same.

After launching a successful crowdfunding campaign, Pavlok hit the market in 2015. The device quickly gained attention for its controversial electric shock feature. Many people were skeptical of the effectiveness of the shock therapy and criticized the product for its potential to cause harm.

Despite the criticism, Pavlok has gained a dedicated following of users who swear by the device’s effectiveness. The company has also expanded its product line to include a vibrating alarm clock and a habit-forming app.

Pavlok’s Revenue

Pavlok is a private company, and as such, it does not release its financial information publicly. However, it is estimated that the company’s revenue is in the millions of dollars.

In 2017, Pavlok raised $1.5 million in a crowdfunding campaign for its latest product, the Pavlok 2. The campaign was wildly successful, with over 4,000 backers pledging their support. This level of interest suggests that Pavlok has a dedicated customer base that is willing to invest in the company’s products.

Pavlok’s Net Worth

As a private company, it is difficult to estimate Pavlok’s net worth accurately. However, based on its revenue and the success of its crowdfunding campaigns, it is safe to assume that the company is worth several million dollars.

Pavlok’s founder, Maneesh Sethi, has also been successful in his personal endeavors. Sethi is a successful blogger and author, and his personal net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Pavlok is a controversial but successful company that has gained a dedicated following of users. While the exact net worth of the company is difficult to estimate, it is clear that Pavlok is worth several million dollars. With its unique product line and dedicated customer base, it is likely that Pavlok will continue to grow in popularity and financial success.

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